Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter/Characters/Thorfinn Rowle

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Thorfinn Rowle
Nhân vật
Giới tínhMale
Màu tócBlond
Màu mắtUnknown
Gia đìnhUnknown
Gắn bóLord Voldemort

Tổng quan[sửa]

Thorfinn Rowle is a large, blond man. He is a Death Eater.

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Half-Blood Prince[sửa]

When Harry follows Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy, Amycus and Alecto Carrow, and Fenrir Greyback down from the Astronomy Tower after the death of Albus Dumbledore, he finds a large, blond Death Eater in the hallway firing off curses indiscriminately. It seems that one of his curses was the cause of one of the two Death Eater casualties; he had tried to curse Remus Lupin and missed. At the word from Snape, he breaks off the fight and runs, along with the others; apparently he follows Snape, who is using various short cuts, because he is ahead of Harry when they reach the front door of the school, while the Carrows are behind Harry. As he escapes, the large blond Death Eater casts multiple curses at Hagrid, but they are apparently ineffective, he then resorts to setting Hagrid's hut on fire. He was then ordered by Snape to flee before the Ministry wizards arrived.

Deathly Hallows[sửa]

When the two Death Eaters attack Ron and Hermione in the cafe on the Tottenham Court Road, Harry recalls that the "large blond" Death Eater was one of the ones at Hogwarts, and recognizes the other is Antonin Dolohov. Ron tells Harry that he thinks the large one's name is Thorfinn Rowle.

After the Trio have returned to Grimmauld Place, Harry has an episode where he sees into Lord Voldemort's mind. Thorfinn Rowle is being tortured for having let Ron and Hermione escape. Harry is sickened to find that Voldemort is ordering Draco Malfoy to do the actual torturing.

Rowle is one of the Death Eaters gathered around Voldemort in the clearing in the forest when Harry goes to meet Voldemort.

Điểm mạnh[sửa]

Rowle appears to be a reasonably powerful wizard. When Death Eaters invaded Hogwarts at the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, he was shown causing fairly major damage, though admittedly it was rather random, often aimed at building features rather than defending wizards. He is described as being the "huge, blonde death eater" indicating that his well built and muscular. He has the Dark Mark on his inner forearm and is around 6ft3 tall.

Điểm yếu[sửa]

He is known to be careless, firing curses all over the place without consideration. This makes him dangerous to even his fellow Death Eaters.

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