Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter/Characters/Eloise Midgeon

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Eloise Midgeon
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Giới tínhFemale
Màu tócUnknown
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Tổng quan[sửa]

Eloise Midgeon may be a Hufflepuff; very little is mentioned about her, except that she is plagued by a terrible acne problem.

Vai trò trong truyện[sửa]

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Goblet of Fire[sửa]

It is mentioned in passing, in talking about the medicinal effects of Bubotubers, that Eloise Midgeon had tried to jinx her acne off. "But Madam Pomfrey fixed her nose back on in the end."

Order of the Phoenix[sửa]

Immediately after publication of the Educational Decree banning student groups, Hermione tells Ron and Harry that nobody in the newly formed Defence Association could possibly have told Professor Umbridge about the group. She had had them all sign a piece of parchment that was charmed so that if anyone betrayed the group, they would get skin blemishes that would "make Eloise Midgeon's acne look like a couple of cute freckles".

Half-Blood Prince[sửa]

Eloise Midgeon is mentioned here as being removed from the school for reasons of her perceived safety, as a result of general fear and uncertainty spreading through the Wizarding population due to Lord Voldemort's return.

Điểm mạnh[sửa]

Điểm yếu[sửa]

Whether it is a weakness, or simply an accident of nature, Eloise Midgeon is always used as an example of a person with really bad acne.

We gather that her judgment in dealing with her acne is somewhat suspect, as she apparently manages to charm her own nose off while trying to get rid of it.

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