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Development stages are little indicators placed next to a link to a book or a page to indicate its progress, as reviewed at a certain date. They also are used on a book's main page to indicate the book's progress as a whole. They help readers identify comprehensive content, while drawing editors' attention to pages needing work.

Các trạng thái phát triển của Wikibooks
Sách còn thưa thớt 00%.svg Sách đang viết 25%.png Sách khá đầy đủ 50%.png Sách viết xong 75%.png Sách hoàn chỉnh: 100 percent.svg

Quart stages

There are two templates that create the quart stages indicators: {{stage}} and {{stage short}}. They take the development stage as their first argument and a date as an optional second:

Markup Displays as
[[Main Page]] {{stage|100%|Jan 11, 2005}}
Main Page 100% hoàn tất bởi Jan 11, 2005 (Jan 11, 2005)
[[Main Page]] {{stage short|100%|Jan 11, 2005}}
Main Page 100% hoàn tất bởi Jan 11, 2005

If the second parameter is not included in the {{stage}} template the date will not be displayed.


The {{decistage}} template creates an indicator with ten stages:

Markup Displays as
[[Main Page]] {{decistage|10|Jan 11, 2005}}
Main Page Bản mẫu:Decistage

Book completion status

Readers browsing through a certain subject area or classification often want to view books that are complete or closer to completion. In order to indicate the level of completion for a book, add {{status|<PROGRESS>}} to a book's main page, where <PROGRESS> is one of the following: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%. Don't abuse this to try to make your book more popular; misleading readers will cause them to leave in frustration.

Use To put a book in
{{status|100%}} Sách đã hoàn thành
{{status|75%}} Sách gần hoàn thành
{{status|50%}} Sách nửa hoàn thành
{{status|25%}} Sách đã hoàn thành một phần
{{status|0%}} Sách mới bắt đầu

TODO list

Sometimes it's very hard to figure out what should be added in one page rather than in another. If you evaluate a page to an incomplete stage, you know what is missing. So don't forget to fill a TODO list. Add {{Todo|<MISSING>}} to the page, where <MISSING> is a text describing what should be added to make the page complete.