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Có rất nhiều hiệu ứng khác nhau trong Paint.NET mà bạn có thể sử dụng vì lợi ích của hình ảnh của mình (hoặc không). Bất cứ lúc nào bạn cũng có thể nhấn Ctrl+F để lặp lại hiệu ứng cuối cùng mà bạn đã áp dụng, với cùng cài đặt.

Menu hiệu ứng[sửa]

The effects menu is where all of the different effects will show. Some are packaged with Paint.NET; others must be downloaded and extracted into the Paint.NET\Effects\ folder. Only the default effects will be dealt with here.


There are six default blurs.

Gaussian Blur[sửa]

Gaussian Blur is just your average blurring. Mostly, it is used as a softener to remove overly sharp edges, or pixelation.


This blur reduces noise. As of the 3.20 Release, it's now under 'Noise' instead of 'Blurs'.

Motion Blur[sửa]

This blurs the image in a way that makes it look like it is moving in a certain direction.

Radial Blur[sửa]

Blurs the image like it is spinning around the center of the image.


Makes it appear like you are seeing it, but not looking at it. Seeing is believing (Use it and you'll know what I mean).

Zoom Blur[sửa]

Makes it appear that you are zooming past the image. Once again, seeing is believing.


There are four different default distortions.


Bulges the image out at the center. Like a pot belly.

Polar Inversion[sửa]

Um. Just use it. I don't think it's really useful.

Tile Reflection[sửa]

Sort of cuts it into tiles and makes it look like it's reflecting off those tiles. Looks really cool, please try it.


Could be a KoRn song. Twists your image around the center. The maximum value is 100, which is NOT 100 degrees.

Menu hiệu ứng II[sửa]

The effects after the popouts.

Add Noise[sửa]

Creates a static effect. The intensity is the amount of static, and the saturation is how color-ish it is.


Creates clouds using your primary and secondary colors. How simple and self-explanatory.

Edge Detect[sửa]

Detects edges and colours the edges in various colours, the inside is then coloured black.


The good old emboss effect. It... embosses stuff. Somewhat self-descriptive.

Frosted Glass[sửa]

Have YOU ever looked through Frosted Glass? It makes stuff look like your looking at it through a layer of Frosted Glass.


Lets you have a glow on an image.

Oil Painting[sửa]

Makes it look like an Oil Painting.


Takes every pixel in the whole image, then adds an outline onto it.

Pencil Sketch[sửa]

Makes the whole image look like a Pencil Sketch. Very effective, but only black and white.


Expands the pixels in a similar fashion to the zoom tool in MSPaint.

Red Eye Removal[sửa]

Only put this here to make sure you know it exists. It really needs no explaining.


Makes the image a relief of itself. Think of it as making your image 3D, then making it look really bad.


Think unblurring, but ineffective.