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    Các tin nhắn gửi cho Nguyễn Xuân Minh vào năm 2004

    Không còn ai theo dõi các thảo luận ở trang lưu trữ này. Xin hãy bắt đầu cuộc thảo luận mới tại trang gốc.


    Hello, you are now an administrator. Please create a page for this wiki explaining what administrators are, and list yourself there. I think it might be possible to transfer the interface of vi.wikipedia here if that would easier than starting from scratch. If you want this, please request it at non-development tasks for developers. If you have any problems, let me know on my talk page at en, or leave a note on Requests for permissions. Good luck. Angela 12:34, 30 Sep 2004 (UTC)