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Shakil Hosen
Open knowledge is the fuel that powers innovation and progress! —Tim O'Reilly

About me

Xin chào! I am Shakil Hosen from Bangladesh. I am a student in the Faculty of Engineering. I have a lot of interest in working with technology and open knowledge. I am an administrator of Bangla Wikibooks, a translation administrator in Meta, a global renamer and global rollbacker. I also have access to VRT system.

My work

I opened an account on Wikipedia in 2019 and have tried to contribute regularly since 2020. Initially, I used to contribute to only Bangla Wikipedia; then, in early 2021, when I went to work in a few international competitions, I got acquainted with the global Wikimedia community. Then I started contributing to various wikis globally, especially SWMT, which continues to this day. I have also worked on several online and onsite projects with Wikimedia Bangladesh, which is the chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation in Bangladesh. Nowadays, I mainly edit Bangla Wikipedia, Bangla Wikibooks, Wikidata, Meta, and Wikimedia Commons, as well as assist in answering queries in VRT and helping users to rename their accounts. A summary of my contributions to Wikimedia projects can be found in Central Auth.


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