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The {{search box}} template may be used to add an input box to let the user search a set of pages, for example archived Talk pages, or user subpages, or any Wikibooks pages in any namespace. This template is usable from any page and can search pages in any namespace.


{{search box
 |root= /


|root=User talk:Example/Archives will search in pages starting with User talk:Example/Archives. The default is the current page name. Another example: |root=User:MyUser will search in all subpages starting with "User:MyUser".
break=yes will insert a break between the search bar and search button. The default is no.
can be used to change the width of the text field, in characters. The default is 40, which fits the search bar with the default box width. Note: this is a bare number with no units.
can be used to change the text on the search button. The default is "Search this book".


{{search box |root=Wikibooks:Reading room |label=Search the Reading room}}
produces: Bản mẫu:Search box

Example 2:

{{search box
 |label=Search 84user's pages
produces: Bản mẫu:Search box

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